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My Father William W. Scott 1943-2011

William W. Scott Memorial Video

William W. ScottThe Scott Family mourns the loss of William Walter Scott, a native of Wisconsin and long-time resident of Riverside, CA. He passed on 7/13/2011 at age 67. As well as being a Probate Referee and founder of California Market Values Inc., William was a member of Rotary, a Mission Inn Docent, a loving husband, a true friend to many, and a father of epic proportions. He leaves behind Joan, Ahryn, Landon, and Morgan. “The Great Scott” lives on in the memories of his friends and family.

Web Video Rankings By comScore October 2010 just released the October 2010 web video rankings and other web video statistics.

Here are some of the interesting results:

  • 84.1 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
  • The top video ad networks in terms of their potential reach of the total U.S. population were: ScanScout at 44.3 percent, Break Media at 42.0 percent and BrightRoll Video Network at 41.9 percent.
  • The duration of the average online content video was 5.0 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 12.8 percent of all videos viewed and 1.2 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.

Google sites are serving the most videos and Hulu is serving the most ads.

The whole press release is available below:
comScore Releases October 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings

Google’s New Product Ads

I think that any small business that sells products should take advantage of this immediately. You don’t even have to pay until someone makes a purchase.

You’re probably going to want to watch this video as well: